How and where to bet on esports?

Betting is one of the main attractions of much of the public of traditional sports and, little by little, have also become an important part of electronic sports despite the controversy that have surrounded them over the years.

Valve even had to go out of his way to try to close down certain bookmakers and sites that used their game inventory illegally, getting many of them to close down and others to accept strict regulation of their policies for the safety of users.

Nowadays many people ask themselves in which pages they can bet in the esports in Spain.

Here's how to bet on electronic sports if you want to play a small part of your money or skins from your favourite titles and where it can be done.

However, before we continue we would like to remind you that you have to play with caution and responsibility and that these places are only for people over 18 years old.

Traditional betting pages

Little by little, electronic sports slip into traditional online betting houses such as William Hill, Betway and a long list of pages that comply with all the laws of the gambling houses.

In Spain, the bookmakers that have invested more in electronic sports are Luckia, one of the first to arrive with this type of betting in our country, Bet365 or betfair that have bets on the most important competitions of games such as CS:GO or League of Legends.

How to bet on these websites?

In order to bet on these sites, we must first create an account in which we will ask for much of our personal data such as name and surname and even our ID card as well as a credit card or a Paypal account so that we can enter the real money we want to play in our electronic sports betting.

esports betting online

Specific and exclusive betting pages for esports

In 2015 was created the first online betting house and website for electronic sports, with support for several countries including Spain where betting with real money on various games, this website is called and has been expanding its catalog of betting on video games to cover 11 titles:

  • - Dota 2
  • - Counter Strike Global Offensive
  • - League of legends
  • - Overwatch
  • - Rocket League
  • - Starcraft 2
  • - Heroes of the Storm
  • - Call of Duty
  • - HearthStone
  • - Fifa
  • - World of Tanks

Bets on objects and skins

Due to the characteristics of Steam's inventory, the bets on CS:GO and DOTA 2 have spread like wildfire, becoming a true phenomenon that has led to gaming sites such as CSGOpoor, CSGORoll, CSGOFast, DOTA2Lounge, DOTA2Wage and many similar pages.

In these websites, instead of betting real money, what we play are our skins or objects for the game in question either through normal bets in which we must predict the winner of championship matches such as The International or ELEAGUE Premier or through different casino style games such as roulette.

For these particular bookmakers all we need is to register with our Steam account and provide the exchange URL of our account on the Valve platform that will allow us to share the objects of our inventory with the bots of the web in question.

To locate this address simply go to our inventory page on Steam, click on the "Exchange Offers" button and then click on an option called "Who can send me exchange offers". In this new menu, at the bottom of the page, you will find the URL in question.

Once we finish with the whole process we will have to enter in the betting house the skins that we want to risk to later play them in the way that we create more convenient to try to get more skins and enlarge our inventory.